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Web sites such as YouTube offer a variety of interesting videos of racewalkers and racewalks. At YouTube, enter a word or phrase in the search box at the top of the page, and an array of video clips are made available to you. You will find some outstanding videos from Olympic Games; world, national, and regional championships, club racewalks, from coachs and athletes; and quite a few from would-be comedians who had a hard time finding any worthwhile material.
As you finish viewing one video, the array of available clips will change to reflect the clip you selected. Over time, you will find yourself drifting into other topical areas. If you get too far afield, and you have to either use your browser's BACK button to return to earlier screens, or you reenter your search word or phrase and start again.
For pluswalkers, good results can be obtained by entering the following words or phrases: racewalk, race walk, or ultrawalk. Entries such as technique or slow motion will bring up a useful array, but it will include many videos of other sports as well.
The following are links to videos I have found interesting. The value in parentheses is the time (in minutes and seconds) that the videos lasts--e.g., (00:28) is a 28-second clip.
SLOW MOTION STUDIES OF RACEWALKERS - The following videos are short clips shot in slow motion (about 10 frames per step) by Multimediavisini, a channel dedicated to videos in Race Walking connected with web-site for photos at www.multimediavisini.com. These videos were intended to help coaches find errors in their athletes' race walking, and judges determine if they have judged correctly. WORLD CLASS RACE WALKING
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