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This page lists videos in VHS, CD, or DVD format that might be of interest to race walkers and long-distance walkers. The books are listed alphabetically in order by title. The following graphics are used to indicate the target audience:
          of interest to race walkers
          of interest to long- and ultra-distance walkers
          of interest to other walkers
          of interest to all walkers
Click on the box to link to a separate page that provides more details about the book.
- Athens Olympics Race Walks - Two videos. One video has the men's 50K race (approximately 2 hours long plus trailers of highlights of the USA soccer gold medal match, and British summary of all Olympic Events). The other video has both the men's and women's 20K races (approximately 2 hours long). Purchase these items from the North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF) Store.
Elaine Ward's How to Walk Faster - Tips From the Pros. This DVD features Coach Enrique Peña; Jefferson Perez, 20km gold medal winner at the Atlanta Olympics; the athletes at the ARCO Olympic Training Center; and 12 masters walkers ages 35 - 78. Includes tips on technique, strengthening, flexibility, and training. A great DVD for all levels. The DVD is 34 minutes long.
Jeff Salvage's Race Walk Like a Champion DVD/CD set "is like a coach in a box. Spanning a DVD and a CD for your computer, the set brings the descriptions from the book [by the same name] to life while explaining all aspects of race walking in DVD quality video. However, the benefits of the DVD format do not end there; the interactivity makes it a coach in a box. It's friendly menus allow you to watch exactly the section you wish, over and over, with no rewinding! Have a technique problem? Just drill down through the interactive menus and your ever-present coach is there to assist." +++ The companion CD offers a wide variety of training schedules--for racing distances from 5K to 50K (including the marathon).
- Racewalking Judging; manual and video (sold seperately) containing updated rules and procedures. Video has aluable footage of racewalkers with stop action to show the judging points. Purchase these items from the North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF) Store.
Jeff Salvage's Walk Like An Athlete two-video set (VHS) predates the DVD/CD set, and is still available for those who do not have a DVD player. Volume I covers race walking technique, and Volume II covers flexibility and technique drills. Jeff recommends the DVD/CD set noted above for those having a DVD player.
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