In addition to the race walkers who walk very fast or very far, and the ultra walkers who push well beyond the marathon distance, there are many walkers out there who walk very fast and/or very far without rules and without a name.
  • They are walkers who are generally out of sight.  You only know they are there because they pop up at the oddest times and in the oddest places.  They ask you a very specific question about your choice of walking shoes at a party--a question that only a pluswalker would know to ask.  They are at the summit of Mt Tamalpias having agressively walked there from the Presideo in San Francisco--or they are walking fast along a country road miles from anything or anywhere.  They are generally quiet about their walking, but are usually quite willing to respond to your inquiries.  (A few walk to be alone and conversation is abridged at best.)
  • They are the faster/farther walkers who join running clubs, walk in their running events, and earn good will with club members by volunteering to help put on the running events.  They easily pass you in a marathon using something other than race walking technique.
  • They are the fitness walkers who, with help from a charitable organization (such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program), are walking at least the half-marathon distance.  To qualify as PlusWalkers, however, they must make that level of walking a regular part of their lives--not a one-time experience.  (One criticism of such programs is that a very high percentage of participants do only one event and then go back to their pre-marathon fitness program.)
To the many such pluswalkers I will never meet, I wish them well and hope they enjoy many years and many miles of good walking.
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